System Configurations
System Configurations

System Configurations

Depending on the number of power outputs and used frequencies GH offers different configurations:

Standard (ST) configuration Dual frequency (DF) configuration Multi-output (MO) configuration
Standard configuration (ST) induction power supply system Bifrequency configuration (BF) induction power supply system Multioutput configuration (MO) induction power supply system
One power output for any application from 500Hz to 450kHz. Two power outputs working in sequential or simultaneous mode. It is used for parts with a complex geometry. Up to 8 power outputs with different frequencies, in simultaneous or sequential mode for multipart or multiprocess.
Ideal for heat treaters
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Components of a standard configuration

Components in an induction power supply system


Transithermic Generator is a technology developed by GH Group with the widest frequency range on the market.

Resonant circuit: flexibility and efficiency

  • Capacitor bank for series, parallel or hybrid resonant circuit configurations.
  • Output transformer. Two types depending on the objective: ensuring an extensive transformation ratio of turns or the maximum efficiency.
  • GH Group designs and manufactures the traditional manufactured inductors and the patented Microfusion inductors

Cooling circuit

For cooling the electric/electrical components whole power system. Air, industrial water or an independent cooling station can be used.

Compact output transformer that maximizes efficiency