1. Machine Tools

Industry: Machine Tool

  • Application: Heat treatment of tool holding system
  • Key factor in this GH Solution: Engineering of precision and microfusion inductors
  • Customer benefits: Improvement of customer services and reduction of costs

Originally the customer had located machines for different hardening and tempering processes in several countries. GH Group has achieved the unification of these processes and methods in a single cell of robotic manufacturing, reducing the finishing time of parts and reducing the management expenses due to previous processing in several locations.

Furthermore, the new installation included a system of specific manipulators that positioned the parts in the inductors with high precision. Also, using inductor manufactured through microfusion (exclusive technology of GH) allows for hardening profiles impossible to realize with the traditional copper inductors.

Therefore, the customer was able to surpass the expectations of its requirements shortening delivery time and increasing the lifespan of its products.

Tool holding hardening and tempering installation and microfusion inductor

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