Electronic R&D

Electronic R&D

Electronic and control R&D

Innovation in power electronics is vital to provide a wide range of generators from our own production and technology and with control and communications functions and performances covering every customer’s needs in the different industries.

All the research and development work of GH GROUP is done at the R&D department of GH ELECTROTERMIA, S.A.U.

The R&D department has, amongst many others, the patent for the first transistor generator designed for its application in induction heating. It also has lengthy experience in designing resonant converters, with series and parallel technology, as well as in the use of MOSFET and IGBT transistors. The R&D department has established 75 cooperation contracts with different universities and research centres and goes on with these cooperation schemes year by year.

To sum up the R&D work done by the Department, some of the points deserving mention are that it has undertaken 87 projects since 1986, 45 of which have been given public financing; it has attended international conferences on 60 occasions and 94 papers have been presented at congresses.

The most important recent events to be stressed are that in 2007 the R&D Department of GH Electrotermia was awarded the first Prize in the Avanza Plan in the PROFIT category (best tractor project) by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (MITYC) for its project entitled: “Processing and optimisation of quality and cycle time improvement in production of parts with complex geometry in the automobile sector by means of a multi-frequency induction heating system”.

The Electronic R&D department has had its own functional organic structure since 1985, when it was set up.








  • Designing a range of medium and low power (2.5-20 Kw) and very high frequency (1MHz) generators for application in electromagnetic induction heat treatment processes in controlled atmospheres for the aerospace sector. Subsidized by IMPIVA.
  • Our high efficiency/ low frequency converter for use in uniform induction heating applications at medium and high power. Subsidized by IMPIVA.
  • Ultra-fast recharging system by means of intelligent d.c. transfer by direct contact and optional energy storage system. Subsidized by the MITYC.


  • Intelligent power system for improving energy efficiency and versatility in use for application in high frequency induction heating processes.
  • Analysis and optimisation of energy efficiency in converters for induction hardening applications.


  • “Broad band digital converter with high energy efficiency for use in heat treatments with high load variability”. Co-financed by MITYC, as part of the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011 (reference number: TSI-020100-2008-313).


  • “Processing, quality optimisation and improvement of cycle time in the production of complex geometry parts in the automobile sector by means of a multi-frequency induction heating system” subsidiZed by IMPIVA with Case reference: IMIDTF/2007/28, and by MITYC with Case reference: FIT-330100-2007-22.
  • “Advanced studies on control strategies and commutation techniques in high frequency IGBT series resonant inverters and their application in the optimisation of surface-hardening generators in the automobile sector” subsidised by the IMPIVA with Case reference: IMIDTF/2007/27, by MITYC with Case reference: FIT-330100-2007-22, and by CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) with Case reference: IDI-20070787.

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