GH Group was established with the aim of being close to customers anywhere in the world. Global thinking and local acting is the GH strategy.


  • 1961 Founding of GH Industrial
  • 1964 Manufacturing of the first induction heating system
  • 1975 Setting up of GH Industrial, S.A.


  • 1977 Construction of the manufacturing plant in San Antonio de Benagéber (Spain)
  • 1982 Expansion of GH Group and consolidation as manufacturer of induction systems.
  • 1982 Beginning of the transistor generators
  • 1985 Creation of R&D department
  • 1986 First transistor generators to industrial customers
  • 1987 Patent of the first transistor generator
  • 1990 Constitution of GH Elin International. GH Industrial merged with the Induction Department of Elin Energieanwendung (EEA), subsidiary of the most important industrial Austrian group, VA – Tech. EEA created GH Elin International S.A that acquired GH Industrial shares. The GH Industrial management team started managing all activities related to induction heating.

This was the GH Group origin: a group with international vocation.


Global thinking and local action is our working philosophy allowing to be close to our customers all over the world. GH Group presence is in Spain, Germany, France, USA, India, China, Brazil and Mexico and in other countries throught licence-holders, representatives and technical assistance offices guarantying fast response from us.

  • 1993 Constitution of GH Induction Deutschland. G.H. Elin Deutschland was a subsidiary managing sales and the technical assistance in Germany, Benelux, Liechtenstein and Finland. In 1993 GH Elin International absorbed GH Industrial.
  • 1996 Establisment of GH Electrotermia S.A. GH Elin International Management team acquired the whole GH Group to Elin with financial support. The parent company of GH Group was called GH ELECTROTERMIA S.A.
  • 1998 Constitution of GH Induction India Private
  • 1998 Constitution of GH Induçao do Brasil
  • 1999 Constitution of GH Able City-Beijing
  • 1999 Joining the IBV Group. IBV Corporation (industrial Group with Iberdrola and BBVA as shareholders with 50% each) acquired the 78,25% GH Group shares.
  • 2000 Constitution of GH Mexicana
  • 2003 Constitution of GH Electrothermie (France)
  • 2010 Constitution of GH Induction Atmospheres (USA)
  • 2011 Constitution of GH Induction Equipment Shanghai (China)

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