8. Shipbuilding

Industry: Shipbuilding

  • Application: Steel plate induction heating for straightening
  • Key factor in this GH Solution: Induction application and user-friendly design
  • Customer benefits: Time-process optimization and cost reduction

The shipyard company used flame torches for distortion straightening on decks and bulkheads that result from the previous welding plate process. Customer searched to avoid the drawbacks of this traditional method (toxic fumes, high skilled operators, time-consuming, etc) and to increase the quality results.

GH Group developed a portable system for both deck and bulkhead plates from 4mm to 20mm thickness in 1 sec/mm and not exceeding 730ºC (Curie temperature). The operation did not require skilled operators because in few hours any operator could work with the equipment getting even better results than previously. Besides the working environment improving dramatically, the health hazards were virtually eliminated and other tasks, in close proximity, were able to be performed.

The process heating time was reduced 80% and the quality of the heating pattern was improved by the customer. Today they are deploying this technology as standard practice throughout their corporation.

Induction heating in shipbuilding industry

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