Application R&D

Application R&D

Application R&D

Since the R&D Department of GH ELECTROTERMIA, S.A.U. (then known as GH INDUSTRIAL S.A.) developed the first transistor generator in 1985, many applications for using the induction heating method have been found.

The possibilities grew to such an extent that in 1998 it was decided to create the Applications R&D Department, which examines only the process from the output circuit, not taking into account the power supply or the generator which would be used for performing each process.

The entire R&D work of GH GROUP as regards new applications or processes is performed at the R&D Applications Department of the companies in the GH Group.

The R&D Applications Department has had its own functional organic structure since 1998, constantly working on Research and Development tasks, more specifically on the search for heating processes at present not performed by induction or in which the use of induction heating helps to boost the technological development of manufacturing systems.









  • Examination and development of a highly innovative system for dismantling plasma and LCD screens by means of induction heating for recycling their components. Subsidised by IMPIVA.


  • Development of a new stress relief process for application at the ends of tubes with no welding bead, by means of heating induction, for optimising their quality and improving the production yield.
  • Examination of the induction heating technology applied in the bainite hardening process for eliminating cyanide salts.


  • “System for Postheating cables by induction” subsidised by CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) with case reference: IDI-2007-0434.

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