The railroad was one of the main engines of modernization, an instrument of economic and cultural dynamics that breaks boundaries. Today the future of big cities is guided by high speed rail lines.

The increasing globalization of the market place causes changes in all areas. More and more, trains are orientated towards the environment.

The heat treatment used on parts for assemblies, bearings, brakes, drive trains, gears, joints and shafts; make induction widely known in the industry for its ease of integration and streamlining of multiple processes.

In addition of heat treatment there are other applications both in rolling stock manufacturing and infrastructure manufacturing (switches and rails) like axle heating and straightening of body panels.

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Heating of rail infrastructure (rail, fasteners, switches)

Shrink fitting of wheel tire

Heat treatment of parts

Brazing of short circuit rings of electrical motors

Heat treatment of engine block parts (crankshafts, camshafts, valves, starting rings)

Paint removal

Straightening of car body panels