When unwanted distortions in metal structures appear, their correction becomes necessary in many industrial processes. A solution in order to reduce the mentioned distortions is to apply heat on certain areas in these structures creating mechanical stresses in the material.

The traditional method used for this application is flame straightening. For this, a skilled operator is dedicated to provide heat in specific areas, following a heating pattern, which determines the reduction of distortion in the metal structure.

Currently this straightening process has high costs because it requires a large amount of skilled labour, high workplace hazards, contamination of work area and high energy consumption.

Induction heating advantages

The replacement of flame straightening by the method of induction has the following advantages:

  • Significant time reduction in the straightening operation
  • Repeatability and heating quality
  • Improved quality of working environment (no hazardous fumes)
  • Improved safety for workers
  • Energy and labor cost savings

Related industries are shipbuilding, railway and steel structures in construction among others.