2. Automotive

Industry: Automotive

  • Application: Rotational hardening of large parts
  • Key factor in this GH Solution: Rotating inductor and controlled gas consumption
  • Customer benefits: Increased profitability of investment

The parts were steering housings up to 700mm in length. GH Group developed a system for induction hardening without the need for rotating the parts by turning the inductor instead. This way the mechanic design of the system was simplified greatly reducing the incidences of vibration due to large imbalances in the rotation system, and allowed the hardening of parts of any length.

In addition the atmospheric gas chamber was replaced by a controlled flow for each individual part. The main benefits were: flexibility of the part treatment, reduction and control of the gas consumption by part, increased lifespan of the mechanism and reduction of power consumption by 20%. The final result for the customer was an investment with greater profit than expected and an innovative project reference within its group.

Rotational induction hardening of large steering housings

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