Benefits GH


GH Benefits

Our customers benefit of:

Security of your project investment

Experience in different industrial sectors allows us to operate a multitude of synergies that insure the success of the customers investment.

The right decision

The available presales services combined with our know-how, assure customers that the decision is always the optimal one before undertaking their investments.

A customized project

Thanks to the extraordinary frequency and power range of GH generators and to the team of engineers and services, GH Group adapts the solution in accordance with the needs of each customer while attaining the expected quality levels.

Flexible project management

GH Group adjusts to all requirements and specifications of its customers, developing innovative solutions together with them making their production more profitable.

Improvement of the heating process

Replacing other heating methods, updating and exchanging equipment with the high-tech GH generators results in: increasing the energy efficiency, improving the installation reliability, minimizing stoppage in the production line and increasing the quality control.

Energy efficiency

The transistor generators of GH Group using IGBT or Mosfet technologies, series or parallel outputs and advanced digital control, obtain a very high efficiency with performance up to 95%.

Reduction of Operating Expenses

GH Group designs the equipment, the installation and the control systems with the aim of reducing the power consumption, the cost of operation and maintenance, the cost of quality results, the changeover times, and increasing the lifespan of the inductors

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