Quality Policy

At GH ELECTROTERMIA, S.A.U. our Mission is: “To set a global standard as an induction heating company by attracting and developing talent and creating a team capable of sharing the passion that we have for what we do with our clients, through simple and personalized solutions that guarantee our sustainability and growth”.

 Our quality policy is embodied by our firm commitment to our CLIENTS, whose needs and expectations we strive to satisfy to the fullest. To do so, we are guided by the following Values:

  • Commitment: to deliver what we have committed ourselves to.
  • Cooperation: to work as a team and augment our strengths.
  • Constant innovation: in order to better serve our clients.
  • Passion: for what we do and working as a team.

 The scope of our activities at GH ELECTROTERMIA, S.A.U. encompasses the design, development, production and after-sales service of induction heating systems and power supplies. The objectives we set for ourselves are based on the following key goals:

 To offer our clients a level of quality that satisfies their needs and demands.

  • To comply with all of the regulations, legal requirements and directives that may apply, as well as our clients’ requirements.
  • To constantly improve our processes and products by providing the necessary resources and taking the necessary actions.

To ensure that these objectives are achieved effectively, the company’s directors have taken full responsibility for quality management by establishing a specific and well-defined organizational structure, assigning responsibilities, and providing the resources, procedures and processes necessary to create a corporate quality management system, taking the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard as a model.

 Signed by Vicente Juan Martínez (CEO)

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