TECOMA Project

TECOMA Project

Development of Inductors and Heating Stations, for the performance of core hardening treatments, for solid parts with ultra-fast heating times (TECOMA project)


IDI-20190058 / Budget: 181.452 € / Duration: 12/11/2018 – 12/11/2019

Project Location: GH ELECTROTERMIA, S.A.U.

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The general objective of this project is the design of equipment that significantly increases the productivity of conventional equipment for the induction hardening heat treatment of solid bars of different types, as well as a wide range of geometries, drastically reducing the treatment times required and also increasing the quality of the treatment carried out with the improvement of the microstructure obtained, through the implementation of core hardening, where a greater hardness is obtained in the core of the piece being treated. Core hardening is one of the growing demands demanded by the market for compliance with different grain size standards corresponding to the UNE-EN ISO 643 standard.

The improvement in the performance of the present development compared to the current equipment will meet the growing demands in productivity, quality and performance within the sector, the significant improvement in productivity leads to a significant reduction in costs per volume treated compared to current equipment.

The general technical objectives of the project are:

  • Conception, design, development and validation of inductors that make it possible to carry out thermal treatments of solid bars with high productivity.
  • Conception, design, development and validation of heating stations that make it possible to carry out thermal treatments of solid bars with high productivity

Project summary

The scope of the project has focused on the development of the following technologies:

  • Heating station design.
  • Inductor design.
  • Design of control equipment.

This project has been co-funded by CDTI, and the European Union through the Operational Programme Smart Growth ERDF 2014-2020. The reference number of the project is EXP 00116293 / IDI-20190058.

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