Sleeve manufacturer chooses GH rotative inductor solution (GH patent)

Sleeve manufacturer chooses GH rotative inductor solution (GH patent)


New order from an international automotive components manufacturer for gearbox sleeve hardening

The customer had outsourced the heat treament of a gearbox component in Spain. They were awarded with a big contract by a large automotive constructor so the production volume has significantly grown. Then they have decided to treat the part in-house for competitive reasons, mainly to guarantee leadtimes and to reduce production costs to their final customers.

Although they have an induction heating facility in Germany, Spain had none so mechanical and operational simplicity was crucial for them.

The key feature for selecting GH option was the rotative inductor that simplifies the mechanical design. That means saving floor space, making easier the operation and reducing mechanical problems in longterm. In this case, the range of parts are from 65mm up to 130mm diameter with a 7 seconds per part production rate.

This rotative inductor system is becoming the preferred solution for hardening parts with  ring shape and extreme requirements for keeping the angular position during the whole cycle time.

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