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This week GH INDUCTION has launched 3dinductors.com [1] on its inductors with coils manufactured by 3D printing (3DPCoil).

GH has been the first and unique in the world to develop and deploy this 3D technology using PURE COPPER raw material without POROSITY. Currently there are other 3D printing techniques in the market that do not achieve the results of 3DPCoil.


The use of 3D INDUCTORS has a key impact on the customer’s business for the following reasons:

    • The extraordinary reduction of the production cost per manufactured part. This saving quickly justifies the traditional inductor replacement with 3D inductors. If it is a new acquisition of a heat treatment machine, the return on investment is much faster (fewer spare parts, fewer downtime, less inventory, less manpower, …).  This advantage is based on the much longer lifetime of the inductors by the manufacturing process and the ability to optimise both exterior and interior designs (cooling improvement).


    • To turn into viable a heat treatment process that with traditional inductors was impossible or was not optimal at all. The unlimited flexibility in the geometry of the coil makes possible the maximum adaptation to the part.


    • Increase treatment quality. From the first impression, controlled and documented improvements can be introduced in the design to obtain the desired treatment; and in parallel to reinforce the coil and last longer.


These inductors can be installed on any supplier’s machines at any time.

For more information on how the above benefits are achieved, please see 3dinductors.com [1]. You can now send your coil drawing  plan to info@3dinductors.com of the coil so that we can assess the benefits you can achieve.