New MITS System

New MITS System


How to temper different parts without changing inductors?

The family TVK-S is a range of compact and modular heat treatment machines for small parts.

This family has incorporated the option of a new system based on magnetic cores called Multi-part Induction Tempering System.

The system enables the induction tempering in the same workstation as the hardening for parts with very different shapes without need to change the heating tool (magnetic core) for each part. So, the induction hardening and tempering are performed in the same heating station.

Traditional tempering approach

The traditional tempering method is carried out in conventional ovens. After the induction hardening of the part batches, these must be moved to the oven where there is no traceability and no process monitoring at individual part level.

GH machine with MITS avoid this operation and simplifies the treatment.

Multi-part Induction Tempering System (MITS), simpler and safer process

GH machine TVK-SD400

GH machine TVK-SD400

MITS represents a large increase of the production control and reduction of operational costs.

The TVK-S dual version, TVK-SD, with two heating stations could treat two parts simultaneously giving a huge flexibility in production.


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