New global organization, a step forward for the growth

New global organization, a step forward for the growth


A milestone for GH Induction history

Yesterday was definitely a very special moment since it constitutes the first time that all GH companies around the world simultaneously participated in a GH Group meeting.

More than 350 people that make up GH team, and share with the CEO, Vicente Juan from headquarters, his vision regarding the way the GH Group needs to continue working to better serve our clients and people in a more internationalized scenario and with a global management style.

GH CEO, Vicente Juan, from headquarters

GH CEO, Vicente Juan, from headquarters

GH Induction companies in multiconference

GH Induction companies in multiconference

Part of the communication was a reviewed purpose, values, integral quality plan and global organization:

GH Company Purpose

“Be a global benchmark Induction Organisation which attracts and develops talent, so that we can build a team able to transmit the passion we feel for our job to ourcustomers, through simple and customized solutions, which guarantee both our sustainability and our growth”. Vicente Juan, CEO.


GH Values

To follow the former direction and to achieve the corporate goals, values are a critical part of a company culture and they define and identify how the different companies are working and behaving.  In GH case, four values are proposed by GH CEO to be promoted and practiced daily from now on: “


The definition of commitment is simple: “just do what you agreed to do”. It is all about having a personal behaviour oriented to execute what is necessary, respecting the company values and ethics, in order to achieve the agreed objectives.


Including it into our daily routine will make us stronger; we will take a better advantage of our strengths. Even the most selfish person should understand that working on his own, he will never achieve results comparable to those that can be achieved working properly as a team, in cooperation.



I would say that it is inherent to our company. We should constantly innovate, not only in the product area, but in the way we daily work and gain efficiency. Innovation is not an abstract value; it is a way of better servicing our customers, which is the essence of our activity. Innovation means progress, positive evolution.


Passion is the most important human capability contributing to create value. We should feel passion for our job, passion to work with our colleagues, passion to serve our customers. A team driven by passion is simply unbeatable.



GH Spain during the communication


“We will help all of you and your organisations to develop and practice these four values. We count on extremely good and talented people and we must take care of them. We must take care of you. And, we want to do it through these four values. With them we will steadily build the best company all of us want to have.” Vicente Juan, CEO.


Global 360Q Project

In order to materialise most of the coming challenges, this new global project has been set up. 360Q Project is more than quality related to product. Quality can be considered in any company area or activity, which is what 360 degrees means. Four main areas has been identified: quality as per ISO9000 definition, goods quality standards, quality of the relationship among companies and quality in Customer relations.


New Global Organization

New Organization is necessary for making real the new GH Group. The Global Team is composed of experienced and talented professional to deploy new ways of working to better achieve  GH goals. Five Chief Officers positions have been created to coordinate and align the whole reporting to the CEO.

Chief Customer Officer

Fabien Marquis

Management of Sales, Business development, Customer Service and Quality.

Chief Technical Officer

Pedro Moratalla

Management of Applications, R&D, and Engineering areas.

Chief Project and Operation Officer

David Garrastachu

Production, Procurement and Project Management.

Chief Human Resources Officer

Carlos Sastre

In charge of aligning the company globally through an unique culture based on corporate values; and all aspects of people’s development.

Chief Financial Officer

Reyes Albert

Financial Statements and Treasury management


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