New high-power induction motors brazed with GH-SCR system

New high-power induction motors brazed with GH-SCR system


One of largest global power companies produces new rotor models of high-power marine motors relying on GH induction brazing system  

In the second half of 2020, GH Induction increased the capacity of its SCR induction brazing system for rotor diameters above 2500 mm which are built on customer’s new generator models. 

The high-quality joint of the conductive elements in the rotor contributes to the improvement of the energy efficiency of the final motor or generator therefore reducing CO2 emissions, one of the industry’s goals. 

The GH induction system is used for squirrel cage rotors in induction motors/generators to weld the copper short-circuit rings with copper bars. Its main advantage is the total control of the process by maintaining a uniform temperature over the whole ring diameter, thus avoiding defects in the interconnection of the conductors, and obtaining a high conductivity. One of the keys is the special design of the inductors and the management of bar and ring temperatures. 

In addition, GH system has other benefits such as the reduction of thermal stress in the laminations, oxidation and deformation of the shaft avoiding post-welding operations and consequently extra costs. 

Different industries are already benefited from this process, such as wind turbine, railway traction, power generation and marine.  

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