Induction Straightening System improvement

Induction Straightening System improvement


All-in-one container for any environment

During the welding of plates to fixed structures, buckling stress is produced. In order to eliminate this distortion, different traditional deck and bulkhead straightening techniques are employed like stress relieving using flame gas torch heating. These techniques are big time consumers, costly and do not provide any added value. Improving the efficiency of this process is paramount.

The GH Induction Straightening System (ISS) is used for post relieve welding seam made on deck’s and bulkheads plates (steel and aluminium) providing the following benefits:

ISS Benefits

Now ISS has been improved for hard conditions environments like shipbuilding or offshore working areas. The evolutioned ISS design is based on a harbour container with all elements integrated in the container box. It only  has to be connected to main supplies and to the heating tools. That means benefits for the user: easy handling and transport and plug & play operation.

Next video shows and explains the new ISS design:

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