5 reasons to visit us in Thermprocess

5 reasons to visit us in Thermprocess


25th-27th of June
Messe Düsseldorf
HALL 10 / C21

If you have interest in any thermal process, you should go to THERMPROCESS because next edition is in 4 years!
Since we were in the last edition in 2015, the induction heating industrial sector has been changing in parallel to the industry evolution.

GH Induction is a major contributor.
Today, living in the Industry 4.0 and e-mobility frame, there is no doubt that induction technology is the smartest way to heat.

The 5 main reasons:


1. You would like to know what new innovations are in induction heating technology and how they could help your business. We will tell you about additive manufacturing in inductors, mechanical designs that make machines more productive, process data for information, new materials in power supplies to increase reliability, power density and to reduce opex; and much more.

2. You have a new project to invest and you are looking for a reliable provider.
GH is in the industry almost 60 years with partner customers that reflect GH commitment. Come and we will exchange ideas.

3. You wonder whether you should continue outsourcing the heat treatment or you should integrate the process in your facilities.
During the latest year we have developed machines with this purpose, to be compact, affordable and easy to operate and to integrate in customer facilities.

4. You want to replace traditional heating sources with induction. The reasons could be either you want to be faster or your customers are expecting better quality and control of the process. We are experts on this! Our laboratory and engineering create solutions adapted to you.

5. You need to integrate induction heating in your machine or production line/cell, so you need an equipment able to communicate with you machine control, PLC or CNC.

Thermprocess is the world’s most important platform for the presentation of highly innovative technology and environmental concepts for industrial thermal processing plants. As the organization states “metallurgy, heat technology and foundry industries meet here”. GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST are celebrated at the same time.

Do you join us? Send an e-mail to info@ghinduction.com for invitations.

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