5. Aerospace

Industry: Aerospace

  • Application: Heat Treating & Brazing Turbine Engine Parts
  • Key factor in this GH Solution: Lean manufacturing, small foot print vacuum furnace system
  • Customer benefits: Work in Progress reduction and high quality control

The customer is a leading global producer of jet engines for civil and military aircraft highly focused on lean manufacturing. However they were using batch furnaces for heating so they searched a better option to meet lean and continuous flow manufacturing requirements.

GH Group provided several vacuum furnaces to convert the production cells to small batch flow resulting in a 96% reduction in turn around time.

GH provides their systems with advanced induction heating technology that can reach operating temperature in minutes instead of hours and individual or small batches of engine parts can be heated with accuracy and consistency. The compact 5’x5′ footprint of GH system allows the customer to install the units in work cells on the manufacturing floor, further improving production flow. The new furnaces have the flexibility to heat a variety of part sizes and shapes, including “orphans” from other heating processes. Additionally the GH furnace is over 85% energy efficient vs. about 50% for standard industrial vacuum furnaces.

The customer is currently leveraging this technology throughout their supply chain.

Induction in Aerospace

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