3. Oil & Gas

Industry: Oil and Gas

  • Application: Stress relieving of pipes
  • Key factor in this GH Solution: Adaptation to the requirements of the customer, control of the process
  • Customer Benefits: Increase in the quality of the product

The pipes used in oil fields undergo very severe mechanical conditions at great depths. The customer needed to improve the process of heating pipe ends for elimination of stress.

They looked for an induction solution that heated from 450ºC to 650ºC depending on the material used for the manufacturing, and a temperature differential in the heated zone of +/- 20ºC with a precise control of the cycle times.

GH Group designed a temperature regulation system with several parameters for the control and regulation of the heated zone. Depending on the information of the parameters, the control acted on the generator modifying the power allocation and thus having total control over the treated zone.

The customer was able to increase the quality of the pipe and reduce the operation costs. From the year 2000 GH Group has continued the worldwide supply of systems to this group.

Stress relief of pipes by induction heating

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