20th anniversary of GH Induction India

20th anniversary of GH Induction India


Last week we shared an special moment with customers, suppliers and partners in general. GH Induction India Pvt. Ltd. celebrated its 20th anniversary since they joined GH Group in July of 1998 in their facilities, Chennai (India) which was opened in 2012.

During these years GH India has been increasing their customer base, know-how, experience and manufacturing  capabilities becoming the induction heating leader in the country.

Today they are 130 employees working in a modern and functional building with almost 6.000 m2 for their operations; and they are the first induction brand in India specialised in custom-built machines for any part either fully automated or manual: from 13mm long parts up to 5000mm long crankshafts, the India’s largest machine for crankshaft hardening.

20th anniversary event, 20 years together

GH India premises in Chennai

GH India premises in Chennai

Mr Chari welcome

Mr. R.V. Chari welcome

The event was an opportunity to thank everybody who made and makes possible that GH Induction India continuous being successful after 20 years. It was an emotional meeting where guest could exchange memories, new challenges and expectations.

The event was opened by Mr. Vicente Juan, GH Induction Group CEO, and Mr. R.V. Chari, GH India General Manager. They warmly welcomed the guests. Later the Joint Venture founders recognised the special support to some customers and partners.

Joint Venture agreement in 1997. Mr. Mezquida, Mr. Vicente Juan, Mr. Chari and Mr. Gonzalez

Joint Venture agreement in 1997. Mr. Mezquida, Mr. Vicente Juan, Mr. V.R. Chari and Mr. Gonzalez

Original founders, Mr. Chari and Mr. Jose Vicente Gonzalez

After 20 years

Mr. Vicente Juan (CEO) thanked all GH India employees for their work and especially the Chari family for their special contribution, effort and dedication to the success of this Joint Venture company. A commemorative plaque was given to GH India.

GH INDIA Commemorative plaque

GH INDIA Commemorative plaque

GH India customers, partners and colleagues during speeches

GH India customers, partners and colleagues during speeches

A moment in the event , Mr. Chari and Mr. Vicente Juan with customers

A moment in the event , Mr. R.V. Chari and Mr. Vicente Juan with customers

At the end of this day Mr. Vicente Juan and Mr. Chari:


Mr. A.Murali & Mr. D.Devanathan (ABI-Showatech India Ltd.),
Mr. V.Vadamalai (Amalgamations Repco Ltd),
Mr. N.Sampath Kumar (Ambattur Metal Treaters Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. Mahantesh Mangasuli (Big Castings Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. P.V.Mahadevan (Brakes India Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. C.Renganathan (Chennai Metco Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. Kumar Chandrashekar (CRP India Private Ltd),
Mr. Hong Jong Sik and Mr. K.Jayaprakash (Dongsung Precision co. Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. N.Ravi and Mr. S.Ramachandran (Greaves Cotton Ltd),
Mr. V.N.Vijayaraghavan and Mr. S.Sriram (IM Gears Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. V.Subramani and Mr. A.Marimuthu (India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. Srini Rajam (Ittiam Systems Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. S.Gnanavel (Jata Auto Ancillarys),
Mr. M.S.Balaji (Kasa Anlagen India Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. Sudhir Rai and Mr.Ashok (Kross Ltd.),
Mr. S.Manivasagan and Mr. Hemanth (Lucas TVS Ltd.),
Mr. H.S.Srinivas and Mr.Atul Kapileshwari (Madras Engg. Industries Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. Hari Sankaran (Natesan Synchrocones Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. T.Madhu (Nexteer Automotive India Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. D.T.Sampath (PRG Industries),
Mr. K.R. Raghunathan,Mr. R.Thiagarajan, Mr. D.Murali, Mr. G.Ravi and Mr. Sridharan (Rane (Madras) Ltd),
Mr. Nikhil Chowdhary (Ring Plus Aqua Ltd.),
Mr. Sanjiv Balagopal and Mr.R.Saravanan (SAAB Engineering),
Mr. P.Subramanian and Mr. A.Veerappan (SAC Engine Components Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. S.Seetharaman (Sivaramakrishna Forgings Pvt, Ltd),
Mr. Hariharan Ramamoorthy (Srimukha Precision Products),
Mr. S.Muralishankar, Mr. V.Basker and Mr. R.Mani (Super Auto Forge Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. C.Shashidaran and Mr. Venkatesh Puranik (Toyota Industries Engine India Pvt. Ltd.),
Mr. R.Sharath Kumar (Werner Finley),
Dr. T.Sundararajan and Mr. M.S.Swaminathan (Wheels India Ltd.),
Mr. Himanshu Panwar and Mr.Kundan Kumar (Yutaka Autoparts India Pvt. Ltd.),

We want to thank all those who had found time to be with us and encourage us, in our celebration of 20th anniversary.

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